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Big news | Youxingshark launches a new "formaldehyde-free" vegetable gum, just to give users more "power"!


"Rights concerns" in the upstream and downstream sectors of the honeycomb panel industry

Honeycomb panels use glue, and production is worried that the glue will not flow smoothly and reduce production efficiency; board factory owners are worried that the glue is not tough enough and the boards will be brittle, which will make it difficult to deal with customer complaints; material manufacturers are worried about customer complaints and decoration companies will cause trouble; construction parties are worried about board explosions At the same time, materials are wasted and money is lost; the landlord is worried that the decoration materials are not environmentally friendly and the bulging affects the appearance... Honeycomb panels are a new national strategic green building material. The market demand has increased sharply in recent years. Glue, as an important composite material, This series of problems are damaging the "right to speak", "right to premium" and even "right to pricing" of honeycomb panel companies in market competition.

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The "original intention" of research and development of formaldehyde-free vegetable gum

In view of this, some experts think that the glue for composite honeycomb panels must, first of all, be "environmentally friendly". Second, the "strength" of the glue must be high. Since the honeycomb panel is made of metal bonded to metal, bonding is difficult. Therefore, it must be a high-strength bond and have a strong grip. Third, “resilience” must be strong. Since a variety of shapes need to be cut during construction, toughness can prevent the board from becoming brittle, allowing the "hard" metal to have a certain buffer in later shapes and construction cuts, reducing material loss. Therefore, after careful consideration and exploration, Youxing Shark Technology R&D Center found that extracting core elements from "plants" can not only achieve the strength of metal but also have the toughness of plants, and because the core elements come from plants, It itself has the congenital aldehyde-free condition. Therefore, the original intention of Youxingshark's "formaldehyde-free vegetable glue" project research and development is to develop new categories in the industry, help honeycomb panel companies improve the product competitiveness of finished panels, and make honeycomb panel companies more "powerful" in market competition.

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Picture/aluminum honeycomb panel

There is no doubt that "tried and tested" formula design is a difficult task, and the development process is long and difficult. In order to accurately meet market demand and not use any customer as a "guinea pig" to ensure smooth application after the product is launched, the Youxingshark R&D team went to the market hundreds of times and repeatedly explored and developed hundreds of technical routes. Thousands of demonstrations, countless high and low temperature cold and hot cycle tests... Finally, after three years of arduous exploration, Youxingsha successfully launched a new "formaldehyde-free vegetable glue". It is no exaggeration to say that this is a successful product innovation in which Youxingshak wholeheartedly stands from the customer's perspective and "fights for rights" for honeycomb panel users. "Nowhere" is unsafe. Shark's new category of formaldehyde-free vegetable glue is an adhesive that does not use formaldehyde and substances that decompose to produce formaldehyde as direct raw materials. It is especially suitable for all-aluminum homes and ceilings with thin core materials of less than 5cm. bonding. It does not have any irritating smell, is safe and environmentally friendly, has strong adhesion, stronger toughness, and does not burst when opening the board... It is especially suitable for advanced glue lamination production technology, does not block the glue lamination port, and the lamination is smooth and even.

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Picture/Real shot of formaldehyde-free vegetable glue lamination coating makes honeycomb panel companies "formaldehyde-free" become "right" and have the right to do it. The original intention of Shark's formaldehyde-free vegetable glue is to help honeycomb panel companies improve their product competitiveness and strive to compete in the fierce market. , get more "voice", "premium right" and even "pricing power": 1. Maximize the formaldehyde-free release of the glue used for honeycomb panel composite, smooth and even glue application, strong toughness, and non-explosion when opening the board mouth, no sagging, high strength, low cost, etc. 2. Improve the core competitiveness of finished boards and increase the added value of boards. 3. There is no need to increase the amount of glue, no need to add or update production equipment, no increase in investment costs, and even greatly reduce the production cost of the board. 4. In a future where the environmental protection situation will become increasingly severe, enhance the sustainable development capabilities of enterprises. 5. It is conducive to ecological construction, creates substantial economic benefits, breaks through international "green barriers", and can help China's manufacturing improve its international competitiveness. "Speak" with authoritative qualifications Youxingshark has obtained the China Ten Ring Certification. This certification shows that Youxing Shark products not only have excellent quality, but also comply with specific environmental protection requirements during production, use and handling. Compared with similar products, they have environmental advantages such as low toxicity, less harm, and resource conservation. Picture/Formaldehyde-free vegetable glue - China Ten Ring Certification stands on "world-class equipment" to see the future. Shark is a company that attaches great importance to long-termism and starts from the end. It firmly believes in "respecting science and the way of heaven, and coexisting with all things". Therefore, in order to ensure the stability of the quality of Youxingshark's formaldehyde-free vegetable gum products, Youxingshark's production methods have also been comprehensively reformed, using the advanced world-class production equipment of Zhuhai Industry 4.0 Smart Factory, with no manual intervention in the entire process. The stable quality of formaldehyde-free vegetable glue greatly ensures the quality and safety of honeycomb panel production.

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Product innovation is something that requires courage and determination, both for suppliers like Youxingsha and for downstream companies. But what is gratifying is that the sales of Youxingsha's "formaldehyde-free vegetable gum" have increased significantly once it was launched. This is the trust that honeycomb panel companies have in the Youxingsha brand, which is very precious. At the same time, it is also the honeycomb panel enterprise itself that deserves praise for its courage to innovate and develop! In the fierce market, we must have the courage to abandon the successful experience that we were once proud of, and let the company's evolution speed outpace the evolution speed of the environment. In this way, enterprises can ride the wind and waves, gain more "voice", "premium power" and even "pricing power", and gain more "initiative power"!