Chinese | English Create new materials, coalesce all things in symbiosis.

Combining scientific research achievements in the field of new materials with technology

Promoting the development of digital adhesive market

Provide industry development solutions through innovation

Continuously breaking through technological barriers and injecting vitality into emerging industries

Digitization, combining the complementary advantages of industry, academia, and research

Combining Industry 4.0 and the advantages of the two ports to move towards the year 105

Core industries

Creation of new materials cohesion of all things

High end electronic semiconductor |New energy power battery |Green new materials

Building a world-class enterprise in technology and new materials

Youxing Shark’s headquarters is located in Shanghai

Shanghai Group Operation CenterJinshan Manufacturing BaseZhuhai R&D and Innovation Base

  • 3

    Innovation R&D Center

  • 30+

    Expert R&D staff

  • 68+

    National Technology Patent

  • 1000+

    Ten Thousand Experimental Instruments

  • 500+

    10,000 simulation lab equipment

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