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Extraordinary power, extraordinary dreams丨Youxingshark new product launch conference and 2023 dealer conference concluded successfully



  Recently, Youxingshark held a grand meeting in the beautiful Zhuhai. Dealer partners from all over the world gathered together to witness Youxingshark's innovative achievements in the field of industrial sealants.


  Youxingsha New Product Launch Conference and 2023 Dealer Conference

  At the meeting, Ms. Fang Zhenying, general manager of Youxingshark, gave a touching speech that closely connected the hearts of all participants. She gratefully welcomed every guest and introduced to everyone the achievements of Youxingshark in recent years in national strategic emerging industries and key links such as new energy, integrated circuits and intelligent terminals, and green new materials. Today, Youxingshark has formed a complete product system and leading technical barriers, contributing indispensably to the vigorous development of national strategic emerging industries.


  A corner of Youxingshark Zhuhai exhibition hall

  As the protagonist of this conference’s grand appearance, Youxingshark’s new silicone sealant has attracted much attention. This new product covers four series: fire-proof and flame-retardant sealants, industrial sealants, indoor formaldehyde-free sealants and system door and window adhesives. It has broad application in electronic appliances, new energy, rail transit, ships, elevators and other industrial application fields. space.


  New high-performance sealants from Youxingshark

  Director Chen, who researches and develops Youxingshark sealant technology, shared: Youxingshark has always been committed to conquering key technologies to meet the cutting-edge needs of downstream applications and to replace imported products. For example, in application scenarios such as industrial fire sealing, we have launched the cutting-edge material solution F925. This product surpasses similar foreign products in terms of fire resistance, displacement capacity and price, achieving significant cost reduction and efficiency improvement for the industry. In addition, Youxingshark also provides customers with various vehicle-grade and material-level tests including overall solutions, as well as the research and development of customer-customized products.


  Youxingsha F925 silicone fireproof sealant, the fire resistance reaches A3 level  and will not release thick smoke or toxic gas when burning.

  A brand's long-term development capability is the key to winning the trust of partners. Marketing Director Ms. Wei Weiwei comprehensively introduced Youxingshark’s comprehensive strength to its partners from six dimensions: product innovation, R&D competitiveness, manufacturing capabilities, and market development capabilities. She mentioned that Youxingshark has established mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation with leading domestic new energy companies, showing great potential for sustainable development.


   Youxing Shark Dealer Conference Site

  The atmosphere at the press conference was enthusiastic, and the following awards ceremony pushed the conference to a climax. Youxing Shark commended dealers with outstanding performance in 2023. Among them are the "Dealer Growth Stars" who have maintained high sales and high growth for three consecutive years, and have worked with Youxing Shark for twenty years to maintain enthusiasm and motivation. "Twenty Years Star". "Be virtuous and virtuous, and be fearless in innovation." Over the years, Youxingshak has always adhered to this value, and has been sincere and interdependent with its partners.


  Awards to outstanding dealers

  Later, Mr. Gong Yongjun, deputy general manager of Youxingshark, invited all dealer partners to step into the production workshop and R&D center to have a glimpse of the Industry 4.0 smart factory. These world-class high-precision equipment amaze every dealer. They all expressed that they truly felt Youxingshark’s firm determination to fulfill its mission of customer quality assurance and build a world-class enterprise in new technological materials. They firmly believe that Youxingshark will lead them to achieve outstanding results in the future market competition.


  Youxing Shark Industry 4.0 Smart Factory

  Youxingsha always insists on sharing the same destiny with its dealers, insisting on empowering partners, creating value and seeking common development. In the future, facing a more complex and diversified market, Youxingshark will face new opportunities and challenges together with its dealer partners, holding a sword in hand, waiting to be unsheathed!Previous article: Youxingsha T81 - an all-rounder of household environmentally friendly sealants, this time it is very good at "beating"!

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