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A shark called Youxing

Directory sharing

You may want to build a brand and achieve sales breakthroughs, but it is difficult to build a team
You may want a capable team, but suffer from incomplete incentive policies
You may have many good products, but in There is no breakthrough in the market;
Your operating expenses may remain high, but there is nowhere to intercept the flow;
You may try every means to retain big customers, but the quality is unstable;
You may be stuck in the vortex of price war, but cannot break through;
You may have many ideas, but no one has implemented them;
You may...
If you are facing Dilemmas of this kind.
Maybe you can find the answer you want in this book!

I would like to dedicate this book to Chinese companies that are seeking breakthroughs.


Chapter 1 The Strongest Fortress in the World

Section 1 An Emergency Contact Letter /018
Section 2 Traveling 100,000 kilometers /025
Section 3 Is it worth spending hundreds of millions? /034

Secret sense of crisis /034

Germination on fertile soil/037

Looking for world-class leading suppliers /039

Seeing great changes /045

Section 4 The process of realizing value /049

First meeting, unusual /050

Running in the "cold wind" /052

Warm sunshine /059

Section 5 One Year Makes Ten Years /063
Section 6 Mysterious Visitor /069
Section 7 105 years /077

Be a virtuous person /078

Innovation, fearlessness /080

Chapter 2 Pregnancy and rebirth

Section 1 The Code of the Rise and Fall of Reform/084

The little girl who dares to think and do it/085

The helmsman who hits the key point /087

The Innovative Leader/092

Section 2 The Iron-Blooded Prime Minister /099

Crazy growing advertising man/099

Three "hurricanes"/105

Keep doing two things for ten years /109


Section 3: Brand Challenge /116

One-to-many trade-off struggle /116

Cut off the product line /119

Put on "new clothes"/122

1000 duels /125

Three-dimensional communication offensive /128

Section 4: Big Cut /132

Fire the first shot /133

New model, new battlefield /136

Section Five: The Battle of Marketing /144

Earning A Million A Year /145

Onions, Bees, and Cattle /149

An Exciting PK Competition /152

Section Six: Holding the E-commerce Banner High /158

The Significant 75 RMB /159

Three "Tips" /161

Mysterious Gift /165

The Painful Struggle of Bottleneck Period /167

Another Wonderful Use of E-commerce /169

Section Seven: A Beautiful Tough Battle /172

Starting Point /172

On the Road /174

Million Dollar Lecture Hall /177

Winning Strategy /180

Playing with New Ideas /183

Moving Forward in the Storm /186

Chapter Three: Glorious Years - One Person is a Team

Section One: Purchasing is Not God /192

A Golden Key /192

How "Eagle Eyes" are Forged /194

Through the "Bullets and Bombs" /200

Maintaining a Perfect Score /205

Section Two: The Scale of Production /208

A "38th Parallel" /209

Avoiding "Production Minefields" /211

Entering the "Industry 4.0 Intelligent Manufacturing New Era" /216

Youthful Passion /219

Section Three: Quality Control High Voltage Line /223

A "Ticket" /224

World-Class "Weaponry and Equipment" /225

A Meaningful "Conversation" /226

Achieving the "Highest Score" /228

Section Four: "Idiot-Proof" Persistence /231

A Secret Revealed by a Factory Director /233

"Tearing Open" the Big Market /237

Chapter Five: The Nine Hundred and Eighty-One Difficulties of a Study Genius /241

Significant Meaning of 6000 Yuan /241

100,000 Bet /243

A "Good Medicine" /247

100-Point Answer Sheet from "Miss Perfect" /253

Chapter Six: 24-Hour Call /256

Mobile Phone "Ringing Off the Hook" /257

Professional "Sharp Blade" /259

A "Life-Saving Straw" /262

Urgent "Summoning" /264

Ten Years of Traces, Ten Years of Heart /267

Chapter Seven: The Three Thousand Troubles of Human Resources /269

Selection of Personnel "Big Test" /270

Business School's "Relay Race" /275

"Fire Seed" of Love /277

"Dual High" Talents /282

Chapter Four: Conversations with the Wise

Chapter Five: Lin Sen's Uncomplicated Purification /286

Four-Word Philosophy /287

Purchasing "Red Line" /289

"Mysterious" Simplicity /292

Chapter Two: A "Warm" Company: Hua Ao /294

A "Hot" Contact Letter /294

Five Pairs of "Wings" /297

"Tear-Jerking" Incident /298

"3 Million" Emergency Support /301

Chapter Three: Very Special MasterCard /302

A "Special" Interview /303

A "Special" Story /304

A "Special" Success /307

A "Special" Craftsman /309

Chapter Four: Eastern Yuhong in the World /311

"Unusual" Start /312

Transcending "Industry Boundaries" /313

"Almost" Means Very Different /316

Chapter Five: Mettler-Toledo in the United States - Born for Precision /319

A "Beautiful" Start /320

Customized /323

Special "SAFE Rule" /325

Conclusion /329