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Leaders from Jinshan District and town governments in Shanghai visited Youxingshark to encourage the development of the company!


Recently, Youxingshark welcomed important guests - Jin Zhengbin, member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Jinshan District Committee and Minister of the Propaganda Department, Lu Caicai, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the District Justice Bureau, Qian Liying, Secretary of the Town Party Committee, Yu Lan, Member of the Town Party Committee and other leaders visited Youxingsha We carried out guidance work, conducted on-site inspections of enterprises’ epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production, and held symposiums to listen carefully and patiently to the demands of enterprises.

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Photo/Jin Zhengbin, Member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Jinshan District Committee and Director of the Propaganda Department

At the meeting, the company’s leadership shared with Minister Jin and his delegation that during the epidemic lockdown period, Youxingshark, as a “white list” enterprise in Shanghai, successfully provided services nationwide with the strong support of the “priority access” of the Shanghai Jinshan District and the town government. Every detail of the construction of local cabin hospitals ensures timely supply. These unforgettable trust and support are the inexhaustible motivation for Xingsha to move forward.

Referring to the practical impact of the epidemic lockdown on enterprises, Minister Jin listened carefully to the practical problems of the surge in logistics costs and the surge in raw material prices that Youxingsha took the initiative to ensure supply, and asked relevant government departments to actively do a good job in docking and service work, and effectively solve the difficult demands of Youxing Shark. At the same time, he expressed praise and encouragement to Youxing Shark’s sales team for their high-spirited market and determination to break through the annual goals.

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Picture/Real shot of the symposium

What particularly surprised Minister Jin and his party was that during the epidemic period when all employees were most likely to feel lonely and anxious, Youxingsha launched an original "Heart-warming Action" - tailor-made "Growth Plan for the Next Three Years" for all employees one-on-one ".

The plan has nothing to do with work indicators, but to pay attention to each independent individual from the heart, from life philosophy to daily necessities, from work and life to reading and fitness, from "what kind of person do you want to be" to practical implementation plans. ..... Once again, the corporate employee values of "one destiny, constant struggle, life getting better, destiny is destined" have been pulled from the cloud to the earth, and have fallen into visible reality. This heart-warming action attracted special attention from Minister Kim and his delegation. The leaders greatly appreciated it and made a special news report on Youxingshark's "Heart-warming Action".

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Picture/Three-year growth plan for all employees of Youxingshark

Finally, Minister Jin and his delegation encouraged Youxingsha to continue to balance the relationship between epidemic prevention and control and business operation and development, to carry out various epidemic prevention and control tasks strictly, meticulously and practically, and to work hard in accordance with the annual plan goals! Youxingshark is very grateful to the leaders of Shanghai Jinshan District and the town government for their strong support and assistance. The company will continue to rely on the good business environment of Jinshan District, effectively shoulder its corporate social responsibilities, and contribute to the new materials industry in Shanghai Jinshan District and even China. continue trying.