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Heavy! Shanghai's second batch of "white list" of companies resuming work and production has been released, and some sharks are on the list!


On April 30, 2022, Zhang Hongtao, chief engineer of the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission, introduced that in accordance with the principle of focusing on key points and advancing in an orderly manner, Continue to ensure the recovery of key industrial chains such as automobiles, integrated circuits, biomedicine, and new chemical materials.

A few days ago, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology officially issued the second batch of "white lists" for companies that have resumed work and production, as issued by the Shanghai Municipal Prevention and Control Office. Including Huawei, Unisoc, Dow Chemical, Panasonic, BeiGene, Hutchison Whampoa Pharmaceuticals and other Chinese and foreign companies. As one of the key industrial chains, Youxingshark finally resumed work and production at the end of April!

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As the vanguard of resumption of work and production, in order to cooperate with the government's efforts to prevent the epidemic and resume work, after receiving the order to resume work and production, Youshasha immediately held an emergency meeting to immediately resume work and resume the frontline personnel who had been stationed in the factory for more than a month. Comprehensive training on production safety and epidemic prevention measures, and strict study disciplines of "one question, one spot check, one question, one explanation, everyone must memorize it by heart" to make strict prevention and control preparations for safe production. The training is carried out in the form of "examination papers", and only those with perfect scores can enter the workshop for production. While resuming work and production, we must resolutely ensure "no breach of prevention".

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Photo/Shanghai Jinshan Factory Resumption of Work and Production Training Meeting Sharks' resumption of work and production is not a "one-man show" fought alone. Previously, under the special circumstances of trapped supplies, the Shanghai Jinshan District Government and the Caojing Town Government worked together to issue multiple "passes" to Youxingshark, ensuring that Youxingshark could continue to supply customers with timely, efficient, and high-quality supplies. goods! Currently, facing the "difficult test" of resuming work and production, the leaders of the Safety Office of Caojing Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai came to the factory in person to provide guidance and once again pointed out the direction for the resumption of work and production.

In the current pandemic, every company that resumes work and production ahead of schedule is a "battlefield" in the war against the epidemic. As a member of the key industrial chain, Youxingsha thanks the leaders of the Shanghai Municipal Government, Jinshan District Government, and Caojing Town Government for their trust and support. While tightening the "safety valve" of production, we will not hesitate to do our best despite the epidemic. Those who take the initiative to face difficulties and be the pioneers in resuming work in a scientific way.