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Youxingshark’s 2022 New Year’s message: Hope comes from hard work!


When the first ray of sunshine in the new year illuminates the sky, new hope sprouts enthusiastically at this moment! In the great and difficult year of 2021, walking sharks are in a hurry and it is not easy. But because of this, we have truly gained upward strength and abundant hope.
We understand more deeply that hope is not wishful thinking and wishing. Hope is the result of down-to-earth hard work and diligence and enthusiasm day after day. Hope is the result of struggle!


We fought together and withstood the harsh winter!

In the past year, chemical raw materials have skyrocketed at an alarming speed and frequency. In the face of huge uncertainty, we are very clear that industry sharks must reduce costs, but never reduce quality. We firmly believe that in the face of today's industrial linkage and high interdependence, our interests and those of our suppliers, customers, and dealers are integrated.

We would like to thank all suppliers for their supply support, and we would also like to thank all customers and dealers for their price increase support. This unforgettable kindness gives us endless strength and warmth. This deep trust gives us more solid hope in 2022!


We work hard together and reap the beauty of autumn!
In the past year, Youxingshark’s Zhuhai Industry 4.0 smart factory was successfully constructed and put into operation, and the Strategic Center Technology Research Institute was officially established. Despite the many challenges and pressures, we can still clearly feel the greatness of this era. The ever-changing technological changes and innovations give us the imagination of unlimited "upward power".
Especially during the implementation of the Zhuhai Industry 4.0 smart factory, employees from the Shanghai headquarters of Youxingshark gave their full support and worked together to overcome the installation, commissioning and installation of the equipment. obstacles to smooth production. These give us more solid hope for 2022!


We struggled together and embraced the warmth of summer.
In the past year, Youxingshark’s monthly sales exceeded record highs twice, ushering in high growth throughout the year! During the review at the end of the year, we had a long talk with all the old sales staff and heard the most sincere and sincere voices, which moved us deeply. We saw the most sincere and passionate eyes among the newly formed sales teams in the business school and human resources department.
This steaming warmth and youthful vitality have strengthened our determination to list on the "Science and Technology Innovation Board". Let us see the warmest hope for 2022!


We work together and usher in the hope of spring.

There is no easy success in this world, let alone empty hope. From 2022 to 2035, it is an important stage of national development and a critical period of social progress. You Xingsha is in it, and he has never been so confident and full of hope.
2022 is the golden period for Youxingshark’s new development pattern, new technologies, new products, new business formats, and new models. Youxingshark is galloping, scouring, and scouring a new river bed, carving out a new direction. , a broader stage and a more exciting track are coming!

May the stars and flowers bloom in the sea at this moment, and you who are striving towards your passion will come to you!

Youxingshark wishes you a Happy New Year!