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Youxingshark’s 2023 New Year’s message: We never stop moving forward!


Quiting Moerer, fireworks every year.

When the first bell of the New Year rang across the night sky, my wishes fell in front of your window. In this special year-end and new year, let us bid farewell to yesterday, and in the name of today and tomorrow, wish you2023Happy New Year!


Just past20222019 is an extremely difficult year, but it is also the year with the greatest endurance and courage. As a private enterprise, Youxingshark has not had an easy journey, but we are still passionate and perseverant. We build, pursue and realize dreams. We never stop moving forward..... .


We never stop Progress


In the past year, we ushered in the unprecedented lockdown in Shanghai. The silent period of more than two months caused countless companies to press the pause button. But as one of the key components of the epidemic prevention and control chain One ring, has Xingshark is lucky enough to enter the "Shanghai White List for Resumption of Production and Work", and is also lucky to own Zhuhai Industry4.0The huge advantage of the smart factory’s stable supply has completed the lockdown period with guaranteed quality and quantity. The difficult task of supplying goods.
Review at the end of the year, although Youxingsha still has many shortcomings of one kind or another, it has ushered in unprecedented high growth. The growth results are exciting, but they are also heading towards2023Bigger challenge in the year!


We never stop Innovation


In the past year, we have been shouting for innovation and groping forward, and it has not been easy. Fortunately, with huge investment of energy and capital, Youxingsha finally innovated a "formaldehyde-free vegetable glue" in the field of new material adhesives, truly taking customers' worries and troubles into consideration, and achieved a major breakthrough. The "stuck neck" technical problem.
At the same time, we have also extended our tentacles to more cutting-edge fields, expanding the two major product systems of high-end electronic chip packaging materials and green new energy power battery adhesives, heading towards into higher-end areas.


We never stop growth


In the past year, Youxingshark has also gained many young sales forces to join us. Our sales team has become larger and more dynamic. What moved us was that the entire sales team not only created gratifying results with their passion and intelligence, but also In the struggle, the best qualities of a team are shown——Humility, mutual help and dedication.
They value every order very much, but they have the courage to show their own performance and share more of their performance with others. These beautiful qualities are priceless treasures for practicing sharks. We will definitely move towards a better future together2023.


We never stop Responsible


In the past year, Youxingshark actively assisted rural revitalization, actively participated in charity student aid, and used practical actions to implement the social responsibility of a private enterprise.
Dear friends,The seasons are flowing and inspiring, and the train for 2023 has already arrived at the station! In the new year, let us open our arms, walk toward the light, set out for the new, and move forward without fear!