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You Xing shark 2023 mission will be achieved!


The heaven and earth welcome spring, and everything is renewed. In a thriving and warm atmosphere, Youxingshark officially started construction on the eighth day of the first lunar month!

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Video/Youxing Sharks must achieve their mission

2023 is a year full of hope, but also a year full of challenges. Under the guidance of the company's "6H strategic direction" in 2023, Youxingshark is closely focused on innovating high-end technology and creating efficient management. All personnel gathered in the Shanghai Operation Center, Shanghai Production Base, Zhuhai Innovation Base, and Zhuhai Marketing Center. , the four places connected together, united as one, and carefully signed the "Individual and Team Goal Responsibility Letter".

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Picture/Youxing Shark Goal Responsibility Letter

We have reason to believe that in the face of ambitious goals, as long as we have the ambition of Foolish Old Man to move mountains, the perseverance of dripping water to penetrate rocks, down-to-earth, hard work, and even thousands of miles, we will be able to turn the 2023 responsibility goal into a beautiful reality.

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Friends, 2023 is already here. Let us sound the battle horn and start reloading towards our dreams!