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Welcome the global director of the APU product line of Germany's Evonik, a partner of Youxingshark, to visit us!


Recently, Jared Bender, Global Director of the Advanced Polyurethane Materials (APU) Product Line of Germany's Evonik, and his delegation visited Youxingshark. The two parties discussed strategic issues such as how to better expand the market, jointly provide better services in the market, and in-depth cooperation. A long and lively discussion ensued.

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Germany's Evonik is the world's leading specialty chemical company. Mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of special chemical products, it has an extensive product line that runs through all aspects of people's lives.

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At the meeting, Jared Bender said that Youxingshark is a very strategic partner of Evonik. Whether it is the field of new energy, high-end electronics or new materials, both parties are targeting similar areas of interest, and Evonik is also We are developing technology in this area and hope to grow together with Youxingshark and serve the market together.