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Interview with the Chairman of Linsen Purification Group: Adhering to Long-term Doctrine and Doing Difficult and Correct Things


"If you want to serve customers, you have to get close to them and listen to their hearts, what they are insisting on, and what they desire. In this way, you can truly put your consideration for customers into practice."

In 2023, at the suggestion of the company's board of directors, Youxingshark's marketing department began to get closer to customers, using a unique interview method to meet customers face-to-face, understand customers deeply, and listen to customers. Linsen Purification Group is one of them.

Video/Interview with Chairman Zhu Xuelin Linsen Purification Group is an enterprise that has always focused on “cleanliness” since its establishment in 2003. The business scope involves clean room enclosure systems, air filtration products and clean room biological protection equipment. In that era when the demand for "cleanliness" was relatively niche, Linsen Purification Group was undoubtedly bold and avant-garde in focusing on the cleanliness industry to develop its business.
Today, under the national strategic call for green development and high-quality development, the industries served by Linsen Purification Group involve medicine, electronics, precision instruments, chemicals, medical care, pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, laboratories and other fields. , market demand is strong. Facts have proved that Chairman Mr. Zhu Xuelin’s strategic vision is precise and unique.

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But it is not enough to have a precise and unique vision. Linsen Purification Group has been able to stand in the industry for nearly 20 years and stand out in the fierce competition to become the leader in this industry. Behind it, there must be something that may not be mysterious but is transcendent. Ordinary business logic.

In this regard, Youxingshark Marketing Department had the honor to interview Mr. Zhu Xuelin, Chairman of Linsen Purification Group. Facing a group of juniors, Zhu Dong spoke sincerely and patiently, and told us the unique characteristics, advantages and value pursuits of Linsen Purification Group in a serious yet humorous way.

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First, insist on “taking customers’ matters as our own matters”

Most of the customers served by Linsen Purification Group are enterprises and institutions that have certain requirements for purification levels, such as Sinopharm Group, Lunan Group, Xianju Pharmaceutical, China Biotech, CATL, BYD, etc. These customers have different requirements for the clean room environment. To achieve precise environmental control, Zhu Dong said: "Linsen must position itself as a logistics supplementary team for customers, providing customers with everything from design to selection, construction, verification, operation and maintenance, Provide one-stop service. To this end, Linsen Purification Group is based in East China and has four branches in North China, Central China, South China, and Southwest China. This layout is to minimize the transportation radius and service radius and indirectly save costs for customers. .”

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Second, adhere to "in line with international standards" and use good equipment.

"Quality mainly depends on equipment and people. Lin Sen is not stingy in investing in equipment. We can't spend a penny less on the cost. Anything less will definitely affect the quality."

When it comes to quality, Dong Zhu is extremely determined. Indeed, in the large production workshop and testing center of Linsen Purification Group, there are many leading automation equipment unique to this industry. Youxingsha saw that the leaders of the company "do what they say" and also got a taste of a company. It is simply a great determination to make a good product.

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Picture/Linsen Purification Group real-life shooting

Third, adhere to “standardized management”

"For all raw materials, we have our own internal control standards and mutually recognized quality standards reached with our suppliers."

In an independent corner of the group building, Lin Sen has set up a separate testing center. From the basic testing of each batch of raw materials entering the factory, to the environmental quality inspection of the production process, to the extreme testing of the finished product before leaving the factory, there are seemingly numerous testing links. Behind the scenes are clear and strict testing standards. With standard-driven management, Linsen has truly achieved strict closed-loop management.

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Picture/Linsen Purification Group real-life shooting

Fourth, adhere to “research and development, innovation and attract talents”

Talking about future development plans, Director Zhu said that Linsen Purification Group will continue to differentiate itself based on R&D and innovation. Regarding this, Dong Zhu joked humorously that he would step down as soon as possible and leave more opportunities to young people.

"R&D and innovation require more talents. Lin Sen wants to design the system into an entrepreneurial platform so that our post-90s and post-00s generations can realize their wishes on this platform. As long as you work hard and achieve results, you will have the opportunity." Become our partner.”

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In a short one-hour interview, Zhu Dong used his "four persistences" to describe the long development path of Linsen Purification Group. It may not be difficult to practice these persistences with firm faith and real money in a day, a month, or a year, but in the face of overwhelming temptations and huge interests, sticking to the original intention and long-termism is difficult but correct. However, it is quite difficult.

Integrity stands tall and quality wins the world. Linsen Purification Group uses its most persistent way to interpret the most advanced business logic behind an excellent enterprise - responsibility to customers, responsibility to employees, high requirements for research and development, and high standards for quality. Maintaining strategic focus at all times, this persistence eventually became its competitive advantage and the foundation for the survival and development of Linsen Purification Group.

It’s hard to persevere, but it’s cool to persevere! Lin Sen is cool!