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Thank you for your silent efforts behind Youxingshark!


When sales staff pour out the joy of a bumper harvest with their sweat, when managers use innovation to stand up the backbone of capable sharks, when scientific researchers work day and night to solve the "stuck neck" problem, when front-line personnel rush around day and night at the production and delivery site, when every day An employee worked hard with a "small goal" in mind, and when the dream came true, the victory flag flew in the heart of the employee... In the past year, the stories that happened in the 365 days of Youxingshark are full of touching scenes, and they are present all the time. Tell us: the mountains and rivers are far and wide, and the branches and leaves are related to each other. It is the youthful bloom and the growth of dreams of all employees that lift up a vibrant and capable shark. Behind these lovely employees is the silent support and caring concern of the "employees' families". We would like to thank the employees' fathers and mothers. It is your care and advice that gives our employees infinite warmth; we would like to thank the employees' partners and lovers. , it is your understanding and dedication that gives our employees endless strength; we would also like to thank the brothers and sisters of our employees, it is your relief and blessings that give our employees the passion to fight; we also want to thank the lovely children , it is your healthy growth that allows our employees to have no worries and fight bravely... Today, Youxingshark's "New Year Gift Pack" arrives as scheduled again, with fine wine, cigarettes, festive Spring Festival couplets, delicious snacks, and sweet candies .....The booming blessings are being sent to the hands of employees' families day and night. I would like to thank you for your silent efforts behind the scenes. I wish you a happy new year and happiness for your family.

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